New music, new shows, and new recordings...
We've been a little off the grid for some time now but that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy! Aside from playing a few shows we have been spending most of our time crafting new music for your listening pleasure. New originals and a Fuzzy perspective on some well-known classics can be heard at our upcoming shows. We'll be booking more shows in the coming weeks and months. We're looking forward to seeing some old faces, making some new friends, and showcasing our new tunes. Oh - and there have been whispers of a new Fuzzy record...

Rhythm Section
After many moons Mr. Fuzzy has found our drummer.   Welcome... Ian Vogan to the band.  When his former band, Bees in a Bottle moved to Portland he joined forces w/ da Fuzz.   We are currently working on NEW MUSIC w/ Ian as well as rehearsing the old standards.   Our sound is slowing evolving and maturing.  We can't wait to share w/ y'all. Ps.  Good Luck in Portland Christine, and Chad.   We hope Portland is everything you hope it to be.  Book some shows!

Show at Chaplins Spring City
Chaplins Feburay 7th 2015  8pm Its been a minute, come on out and join us w/ Bees in a Bottle.  We have some special things planned for y'all.  We will be selling discounted tickets or they are available for purchase online @

Ready For Some New Music??!!?
We will be heading back into the studio at the end of October to begin recording our new album!!  New tunes!  Also... we got some new stickers printed up.  Come join us at an event and get one while they last.

Pandora Station Live!!
You can now listen to Fuzzy along with all your other favorite bands.  You can now create your very own Fuzzy station by the band, album, or song title.  Enjoy!! We will continue making the world a bit Fuzzzier, as long as you let us. MF&B


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