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Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian formed a few years back with a gut bucket, a banjo, and a couple of beards. R.S. Krauss, and Eric McMahon moved to Rahns Pa, and unknowingly formed the Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian Compound. Call it destiny, fate, or just dumb luck, our third member Chris "Bluebert" Peace moved into the 3rd floor of the compound. Now for some reason unbeknownst to us, Chris was into the weird noises we were making. From that moment our "yawlternative" sound had been found.

Just having fun has been the concept from day one. We have yet to become jaded and have been blessed with so many incredible opportunities on this strange musical excursion.

Though we sound nothing like any of these, we draw our influences from Prince, Rick James, Micheal Jackson, Biggie Smalls, and Motley Crue.